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How Dating Changed Over The Final 100 Years pt.2

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How Dating Changed Over The Final 100 Years pt.2

Going steady

When you look at the 1950s, “going steady” was the word if you are within an relationship that is exclusive. This status ended up being in regards to the relationship, yes, nonetheless it has also been about standing out amongst your peers. In line with the University of Ca, Santa Barbara, “Across college campuses, couples publicized their choice to ‘go constant’ if the woman was given by the man an article of their clothes to put on, such as for example a coat, sweater, or band.” Dating had become a great deal more about youth tradition than about household objectives.

The way two different people experienced sex whenever dating additionally shifted. In the last the main century that is 20th intercourse and sex are not openly talked about. As writer Jodi O’Brien place it, “Sex had been desexualized” and reserved for marriage, if the few had entered as a religious union with Jesus. Continue reading →