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Welcome to the new and improved UF Marketing

Posted by / January 16, 2014 / Categories: Advertisers, Publishers / Tags: , , / -

We have spent the last couple of years working to find the right management system for our ad network. In December switched to the MaxCPM Advertising Intelligence System. Automation was our biggest goal when choosing our system and MaxCPM did not disappoint, but the system has so much more.

MaxCPM Advertising Intelligence SystemMaxCPM’s technology systematically searches the system for the best ad, landing page and placement combinations to maximise revenue for Publishers and ROI for Advertisers. Our network is seamlessly integrated with all other networks using MaxCPM giving our Advertisers access to 1,000’s of publishers along with our very own. The unique hybrid PPC+CPA bidding system will level up ad campaigns when conversion rates according to preset instructions. To maximize returns, advertisers can bid with PPC and CPA combinations to test and scale campaigns with limited risk if conversion rates drop.


Advertising Dashboard
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The system automatically rotate ad creatives and landing pages, tracking and scoring trends based on actual results. It then scales up the winning combinations and scales down the poor performing combinations. All done in the blink of an eye for you with out expensive third-party tracking software.

This same system in turn takes the winning combinations and places them on our publisher’s sites giving you the highest effective CPM yields and rotate in the next highest campaigns automatically once it’s needed. With the Ad Network Exchange, publishers not only benefit from our advertisers, but all advertiser’s campaigns will automatically test your zones for effectiveness. If there is a match, that campaign will continue on your site giving you a higher fill rate, in most countries we offer a 100% fill rate through the exchange.

One of the largest issues for publishers are the intrusive ads that cause pop ups, malicious software installs and other issues. Our system completely does away with this as all ad creatives are uploaded in a jpg, png or gif format directly to the network. No more redirects, flash enabled installer, etc and if there is an advertisement you do not feel that fits with your content, simply hit the report button and choose the option to remove the ad from your zone rotation.

Our system is completely self-service for both Advertisers and Publishers, managing both aspects from a single interface. We invite you to join our new MaxCPM powered network and enjoy higher yields and better ROI with UF Marketing. Register Today