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How to create a CPA Campaign with a PeerFly offer

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Promoting affiliate campaigns and cpa offers can be a rewarding venture for affiliate marketers, but one of the greatest risks is managing your ROI. Direct advertisers mitigate their risk by running CPA campaigns, and now affiliate marketers can too. What if I told you that you can use a PeerFly offer as a CPA campaign on our network? I know it seems like a crazy idea to run a CPA campaign from PeerFly as a CPA campaign on an ad network, but work with me here.

Disclaimer: This is an example only, you can join PeerFly to see their offers to create your campaign.

Offer: Giftcard Program
Payout: $7.50
Type: Lead (email submit)
Allowed Method: Banner Display
Targeting: US, UK, CA

So in the example above you get paid $7.50 per email submit, we will use this to design the campaign parameters.

Setting up your Campaign

  1. In your dashboard click on the “Start a New Ad Campaign” button under “For Advertisers”
  2. Add a Campaign Title (this is for your reference, I recommend adding the Offer # from PeerFly in the title)
  3. Set your Target Countries based on your Offer requirements, your target market, the keywords that best describe the offer and your Age and Gender targets.
  4. On the Offer under the banners tab, download the banners
    1. It is important to note that banners need to be under 100 kb, if the banners are larger, you can use a program like Photoshop to reduce the file size.
  5. Once you have the banners, add all banners that are in our allowed sizes (728×90, 300×250, 160×600 or 300×50)
    1. Remember the more banners you add, the more the system can test combinations with the optimization engine
  6. Next set your landing page, you will get this link from the Offer and we will add “(SUB)” in thes1 field in the offer page.
    1. Your link will look like: The XXXX’s will be replaced by numbers based on your offer.
  7. Finally you will set your Bids and Budgets for your PPC Bid and CPA Bid

Setting your Bids and Budgets

This is the most important step in setting yourself up for a successful ROI promoting your PeerFly Offer. On this page you will see the prevailing bid for your targeting settings, so let’s assume this lists $0.75 as the prevailing bid. 

  1. Set your CPC Bid for a comfortable amount, we will use $0.25 for this example
  2. Set your CPC Daily Budget, remember $10 is the minimum. We will set this for $10 for testing purposes.
  3. Set your CPA Bid, in the example we are using, we will get paid $7.50 per conversion, so you want to set your bid below this, I recommend no more than 50%. We will set the bid to $2.25. This is how much you are going to pay for a conversion, giving you a $5.25 profit per action.
    1. This bid will be used to automatically scale up the bid(s) and budgets for your campaign in the placements where you receive most results in the way of conversions (or actions). Rest assured, you will never be double-billed for both CPA and PPC bids. At the point of each conversion/action, you will automatically receive full credit for any previously paid clicks to that placement in the current period up to the amount of your CPA bid.
  4. Set your CPA Daily Budget, since we are using $2.25 for our bid, we will set the daily budget for 45.00 or 20 conversions (this is low but it is for example purposes)
  5. Finally you will see your tracking code, it will look like this:
<img src='' alt='' width='1' height='1' hspace='0' vspace='0' border='0' />

Now back to PeerFly

When setting up your CPA tracking, use only one method, not both.

Using a Postback URL (We have verified through additional testing, the Postback URL is the best meathood)

Affiliate Manager Luke Kling actually recommends using a Postback URL vs the tracking pixel, so we are going to walk you through this method. Remember that using the Postback method will not track IP or cookie information. We will start with the parameters you will need from your tracking pixel code:

  • n=XXXX
  • u=XXXX
  • b=XXXX

Each of the above XXXX’s will have a number which you will find in your conversion pixel code on the Bids and Budgets tab of your campaign, you will add these to the postback url.

Your Postback URL will be as follows replacing the XXXX’s with the numbers as listed above:

It is extremely important that you do not alter the code other than replacing the XXXX’s for the url to work.

On your offer page click on “Setup PostBack” and enter the url there, click on submit and now you are all finished.

Using the Tracking Pixel (We highly recommend using the Postback URL, the pixel script may not fire on occasion properly.)

On the offer page click on Tracking Pixel, copy the code from your Bids and Budgets tab and paste it in the box. Click on Submit and you are done.

Let the Campaign Begin

Once you have completed these steps, save your bids and budgets and choose your funding option. Your options range from the minimum of 3 days to 30 days. The deposit amount is based on the following formula:

(CPC Daily Budget + CPA Daily Budget) X # of Days = Deposit

Once the campaign begins, the optimization engine will kick in and start testing all of your banners with placements across the entire network exchange. As your campaign starts to convert, the engine will dial in on the combinations of your creatives and placements and throw it into high gear based on your CPA budgets. This is all done on autopilot within the parameters you set.

In the example above your 3 day deposit would be $165.00 to get started.

The Example’s Final Math

If you max out your conversions each day that will bring in a total of $450.00 in conversions. Lets estimate it takes you 12 clicks to convert on average. So your cost per would average $3 ( this is because your conversion cost is $2.25 or 9 included clicks and 3 extra clicks.) for a total of $180 in costs, giving you a net profit of $270.00. This of course is all purely an example and not a promise of earnings at all. But you get the idea of how the system works.

Ideally when it is all said and done, you want your average click cost to be lower than your conversion cost. Once you reach this optimization point you are only paying for conversions because your clicks will credit out.

We will end this with the most important advice we can ever give:

Test Test Test

Test your Bid Combinations and find the sweet spot for your conversions, then scale it up. Register today to start your PeerFly Promotion on UF Marketing

Welcome to the new and improved UF Marketing

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We have spent the last couple of years working to find the right management system for our ad network. In December switched to the MaxCPM Advertising Intelligence System. Automation was our biggest goal when choosing our system and MaxCPM did not disappoint, but the system has so much more.

MaxCPM Advertising Intelligence SystemMaxCPM’s technology systematically searches the system for the best ad, landing page and placement combinations to maximise revenue for Publishers and ROI for Advertisers. Our network is seamlessly integrated with all other networks using MaxCPM giving our Advertisers access to 1,000’s of publishers along with our very own. The unique hybrid PPC+CPA bidding system will level up ad campaigns when conversion rates according to preset instructions. To maximize returns, advertisers can bid with PPC and CPA combinations to test and scale campaigns with limited risk if conversion rates drop.


Advertising Dashboard
Click for more information on MaxCPM

The system automatically rotate ad creatives and landing pages, tracking and scoring trends based on actual results. It then scales up the winning combinations and scales down the poor performing combinations. All done in the blink of an eye for you with out expensive third-party tracking software.

This same system in turn takes the winning combinations and places them on our publisher’s sites giving you the highest effective CPM yields and rotate in the next highest campaigns automatically once it’s needed. With the Ad Network Exchange, publishers not only benefit from our advertisers, but all advertiser’s campaigns will automatically test your zones for effectiveness. If there is a match, that campaign will continue on your site giving you a higher fill rate, in most countries we offer a 100% fill rate through the exchange.

One of the largest issues for publishers are the intrusive ads that cause pop ups, malicious software installs and other issues. Our system completely does away with this as all ad creatives are uploaded in a jpg, png or gif format directly to the network. No more redirects, flash enabled installer, etc and if there is an advertisement you do not feel that fits with your content, simply hit the report button and choose the option to remove the ad from your zone rotation.

Our system is completely self-service for both Advertisers and Publishers, managing both aspects from a single interface. We invite you to join our new MaxCPM powered network and enjoy higher yields and better ROI with UF Marketing. Register Today