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Attention Publishers – Updated Ad Code Designed To Not Slow Down Your Sites

Posted by / February 20, 2015 / Categories: Publishers / Tags: , , / -


As we begin to roll out features from 2.0, our publishers are first on the list. One of the priorities with the upgrade is to optimize any coding that will slow down our publisher’s sites. So today all of our publishers can now retrieve your new Invocation code.

Our new Asynchronious Ads will NOT slow down your website(s), even in the case of a slow connection. For higher earnings, place your invocation code “above the fold” in a place where advertisements will be easily seen and clicked on.

Do not panic, if you do not update your code today you will not lose any revenue but this will eventually be phased out, so the sooner the better. Simply log in to the dashboard and go to your publisher zones. You will need to get new tags for each of your active ad zones. Your new code will look something like this:

<script>(function(ins) { var d = "abd"+ins, s = document.createElement('script');document.write('<div id="'+d+'"></div>');
s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = '//'+d; s.async = true; s.defer = true; 
document.body.appendChild(s);}((++window.abd || (window.abd = 0))));</script>

Remember updating your code will improve load speeds of our ads which in turn will speed up your site in many cases. Soon we will be migrating everyone to the 2.0 interface, so stay tuned as we give you more details along the way!