PeerFly now a UF Marketing Certified CPA Network

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After several months of testing, we are proud to announce that PeerFly is now a UF Marketing Certified CPA Network. This means we have taken the time to run various campaigns on the network ensuring that the conversion process works start to finish.

During our tests we used various campaign types including Email Submits, Single Opt in and Double Opt In campaigns, Gaming Campaigns and more. We outlined How to Set up a PeerFly Campaign a while back, providing a step by step process to use UF Marketing’s CPC/CPA Hybrid campaign set up to maximize your campaign’s performance.

One common question discussed by members of the PeerFly community is the ability to direct link when setting up campaigns on an ad network. UF Marketing encourages you to use direct linking. Most of the CPA campaigns have great landing pages and even include alternate landing pages. Our system’s automated A/B Testing with creatives and landing pages will find the best performing combinations ensuring the highest ROI.

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