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2014 In Review

We had a great 2014 here at UF Marketing, our Publisher and Advertiser Base grew well beyond our goals. We paid our publishers over $9,000 with an average eCPM of $0.06. We hope to help our publishers increase that this year.

Our CTR for 2014 was 0.16%, this tells us that we need to work with our advertisers to design better creatives and increase advertisers that are more relevant to our publishers.

We served over 146 million ad impressions with over 238,000 clicks. We tracked over 1,400 conversions for a rate of 0.62%, many of our advertisers are not utilizing our conversion tracking unfortunately. We hope to increase usage of this while increasing our CPA Bonus bids by Advertisers.

2015 First Quarter Bonuses

With the first quarter in full swing let’s talk about the bonuses we are going to throw in the mix. We have bonuses for Advertisers, Publishers and Affiliates.


From January 1st through March 31st we will be giving all advertisers a 10% bonus if you spend over $250 each month. So for every $250 you spend we will add $25 to your account. January bonuses will be deposited on February 15th, February bonuses will be deposited on March 15th and March bonuses will be deposited on April 15th.

All bonuses must be used for advertising, no refunds can be claimed or withdrawal of these bonuses to your account.


We have a bonus for you guys too! For every $250 you earn we will give you a 10% bonus in your accounts. All bonuses will be rewarded on April 15th 2014. So if you earn $300 in January, $600 in February and $750 in March, your bonus will be $150.

All bonuses will be sent via PayPal or ACH, we will provide a claim form directly to any qualifying publishers to fill out. Publishers that are removed due to fraud or other activities will forfeit any claims. Publishers do not have to run our ads exclusively during this period.


Affiliates will receive a 10% bonus for every $100 earned during the months of January, February and March. Bonus payments will be sent via PayPal or ACH April 15th and a form will be provided to claim your bonuses.

Advertising Giveaway

Once again we are going to give away $250 worth of advertising, it is simple to enter and several ways to earn additional entries. We will draw the winner February 1st. See below for directions to enter:

UF Marketing Ad Network

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