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MaxBounty CPA NetworkWe hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Recently we announced the certifications of Peerfly and Diablo Media CPA Networks. Today we would like to add MaxBounty to that list.

MaxBounty began in 2004 with the ideology that publishers should be paid the lion’s share of the bounty generated by their marketing efforts. Further, all publishers, regardless of size, should be treated with respect. This core vision still holds true today.

Like other CPA Networks, we have taken the time to test the network CPA tracking with our conversion engine in real-time, and right away we found that setting up the campaign is quick and painless with some added bonuses.

If you have not registered at MaxBounty, head over and sign up. Each and every affiliate is that applies will actually need to follow-up with an interview with their assigned account manager. It is a painless interview to learn more about you, your affiliate business and your goals with the network. After you have met their requirements, your account is activated.

Setting up your MaxBounty Campaign on UF Marketing

  1. In your dashboard click on the “Start a New Ad Campaign” button under “For Advertisers”
  2. Add a Campaign Title (this is for your reference, I recommend adding the Offer Title and Offer # from MaxBounty)
  3. Set your Target Countries based on your Offer requirements, your target market, the keywords that best describe the offer and your Age and Gender targets.
  4. On the Offer Page you will find the Creatives Section at the bottom. On the drop down box select Banners.
    1. You will need to save each banner that you wish to use, remember to use the supported sizes (728×90, 300×250, 160×600 or 300×50).
      1. When Saving the banners it is important to save the banner as the assigned number. You will find this in the banner title, look for “Banner_#####”. You want to save the banner as the number only, so if it is Banner_1234, you would save it as 1234 for the file name.
    2. Now add the banner creatives to your campaign again saving the banner title as the number only. This is very important because when you create the landing page link, it will actually track the creative in your stats on MaxBounty. This is one of the only networks that integrates with our system like this.
    3. Remember that banners need to be under 100 kb, if the banners are larger, you can use a program like Photoshop to reduce the file size.
    4. Remember the more banners you add, the more the system can test combinations with the optimization engine
  5. To get your Landing page link, on one of the banners click on the “get tracking code link” (See Example below) and copy the link after (a href=”).
    1. Your link will look like: The XXXX’swill be replaced by numbers based on your offer and creative.
      <IMG SRC="" width=728 height=90 border=0>
    2. Using the link, you will need to make some minor changes and add &s1=(SUB) to the end of it. In your link you will see “c=XXXX” thiswill be replaced with “c=(ADTITLE)”.Thefinal link will be similar to
      1. Just to understand that (ADTITLE) will be replaced with the title you set for the ad banner which as we said before should be the number associated with the banner on MaxBounty. By doing this it will track the creative stats on MaxBounty.
  6. Now you will set your CPC and CPA Bids (Optional). When setting your bids remember your daily budget settings will determine your minimum budget: (CPC Daily Budget + CPA Daily Budget) X # of Days = Deposit
    1. Your CPC Bid is required with a $0.10 minimum bid and a minimum of $10.00 daily budget. This does not mean you will spend these amounts, it is just the minimum requirement.
    2. Your CPA Bid is optional and is designed for you to auto scale your campaign on sites that have converting traffic while scaling down your campaigns on sites that are not converting. This bid is optional and should be set at a higher bid than your CPA bid.
  7. Finally you getyour trackingurl to set in your MaxBounty Offer Page. For the purpose of testing and simplicity we recommend only using the URL Callback Type as it will work on any campaign.
    1. On your bids and budget page you will see your tracking pixel html code in the box:
      <img src='' alt='' width='1' height='1' hspace='0' vspace='0' border='0' />

      From this you will use the img src url and add  &sub=#S1# to the end of it, your URL will look like numbers will replace the X’s.

    2. Once you have this link, on the offer page under the Advanced Tracking Options, set the Callback Type to URL and place your link in the Callback Code Box and click on Save Pixel. Remember do not alter the Tracking URL other than the X’s or it will not work correctly.

You are now ready to run your campaign and track your stats on UF Marketing and on MaxBounty. When a conversion happens there is a slight delay before the conversion posts to our network. As your conversions increase, your campaign will optimize where your ads show to focus on publishers where it converts. If you add a CPA bid, those publishers are rewarded with a bonus on top of the CPC Bid. Remember you will never be double charged for Clicks and Conversions. You will receive a credit towards your CPA bid for any clicks on that publisher’s site leading up to the conversion.


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