Let the 2.0 Begin!

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Please Pardon Our Mess . . .

We are currently updating our ad network user interface with many new features and is now ready for use with all device sizes. The main menu is now on the left hand side and can be accessed on a mobile phone by using the top left button. On the right is our infobar, where you can find todays balances and other up-to-date information.

You can now access your latest accounting statement either from the main menu or by clicking on your latest balance. Accounting statements are printable and you can view accounting statements by month using the dropdown month selector located at the top-right of each statement.

Publishers can now see a breakdown of geos where their traffic originates from and Advertisers now have access to text-based banner ads along with many new targeting options, including retargeting. Most other features will work as they did before. Keep an eye on notification bell at the top of the page for new news and features.

Soon this welcome page will be replaced by a state-of-the art user dashboard to see recent account activity at a quick glance. For now, please use the Main Menu to the left to access your account, or create a new advertiser campaign or publisher zone using the buttons below.

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