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Welcome to the UF Marketing Ad Network, likely the last ad network you will ever need. 

While some competitor networks leave you constantly struggling to stay ahead of the game, our network uses a proprietary new technology called MaxCPM Ad Intelligence. Lets just say … MaxCPM is simply amazing. While you sleep, it is working hard for you to bring you the best results in the matrix because it thinks and strategizes like an Expert Human Marketer, scaling up ad variations & placements that make the most money and redacting the ones that aren’t so lucrative.

Automatic Optimization 

Advertisers and publishers no longer have to search for ads and placements for better returns. While other networks can only offer limited optimization tools, our MaxCPM technology systematically searches for the highest yields for you each and every night.

We accept publishers from any niche that is looking to monetize their site. Advertisers and Publishers alike are able to select their targeting category that best fits their vertical. Our categories include Finance, Recreation, Technology, Lifestyle and more. Our Publishers varying from small blogs to thriving fan site communities, offer Advertisers with an endless opportunity to reach their members. By joining our network we help these sites have the resources to garner more visitors to build their communities.